Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Good Mummy / Bad Mummy

It works a bit like good cop/bad cop. If your children catch you being good mummy every day they'll expect it, whereas if you slip form time to time and go watch QVC in the bedroom they'll be delighted with you when you return to being good mummy and play with them. Either way you still feel guilty if you're not playing UNO, Scrabble or Hangman ( all EAGs so therefore OK ) non-stop when they're ill off school. I'm waiting for the Times Supplement research that reassures me that all children require at least 2 hours TV a day if they are to grow up well adjusted and socially acceptable.

( EAG = Educationally Acceptable Game - don'y you just hate TLAs ??)

(TLA = three letter abbreviation )

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