Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Another day , another load in the washing machine another trip to Tesco's. I've just realised there's another good reason to Keep on Blogging ( apologies to Eddie Kendrix) is that when I'm dead and gone my family can see what my life was really like. There's this software you can get that counts how many times you use certain popular words in something you've written ... so for interesting people the words party, champagne, New York, loaded, Jimmy Choo, Harvey Nichols, Louis Vuitton, Paris, Mauritius, promotion would pop up several times . For mine the top ten list would probably read ....

Washing machine
PE Kit
Get off that computer ( do phrases count ??)

What would your top ten most used words include ??


  1. My ten words would no doubt be much the same as yours! Oh, to have Jimmy Choos in my top ten words! Ha ha!

  2. Hi Claire - found you! Thanks for popping by my site, and commenting, too! I posted how to allow comments on the forum. My top ten words would be even more boring than yours! If we're talking talking, I mostly say 'Help me, Noddy' (that's my littlest's catchphrase). In my blog, it's probably Thing at #1! I shall have a proper look at your site after tea - I've enjoyed myself quite a lot today (pizza box from Craft Obsesssions, yay!)

  3. Hi Claire - just popped by to see what you're up to, using my special blogger identity. I decided to have another go at my blogger blog, because I can post piccies (you click on the little icon at the top of the posting page, and then they just pop up where they feel like. Anywhere you don't want them!) I guess you are watching Dawn Bibby!! See if you like my blogger blog better than the other one - there's no throwing away here! yay Have a good one.