Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Colour me Happy

Where does that expression come from ? Sounds like an American slogan. Sad that blue is associated with sadness. I've gone right off the colour purple ( sounds like another American slogan ... no a film title) so I'm going to call it feeling purple when I'm down. Hate yellow too. Read somewhere that you can't possible hate a whole colour . Well I can. Apart from Daffodils and the confectionary yolk of a Cadbury's Cream Egg , it hasn't got a lot going for it. And what is it with pink ? I know Barbie must have a lot to with it but why do all pre-menopausal women start reverting to pink when they hit a certain age ? I suppose it's less embarrassing to embrace a colour than it is to be seen parading around in hot pants and crop tops. I've been through the Farrow and Ball taupe stage and I dallied with lime reen and I tried very hard to like aubergine but now I've given in and gone with pink . You can't resist a tidal wave like that. I also put it down to a little protest in a houseful of boys most of whom where black, navy and brown.

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