Friday, 25 July 2008

School holidays. If you were to believe half the mothers round here you'd think that the whole of Teddington was jetting off to the Maldives for a month. They probably are. Money does buy you staying in a 5 star hotel on some island paradise where the most taxing chore of the day is tying to decide what to choose from the a la carte menu every evening. Their kids are probably learning how to sail a yacht single handed whilst mine are out in the scrubby back garden calling each other pooh head and butt face. No sign of DH this evening. Who can blame him. Given the choice what would you rather do - come home to a couple of bickering cranky kids, unload the dishwasher and be kept awake by everyone else's 'having a good time of a summer evening' type laughter or staye out and go boozing with attractive young people in some bar up in town ? No brainer really.
Finding Theo's behaviour challenging to say the least.

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