Sunday, 18 October 2009


Sounds sort of naughty doesn't it ? It's actually a product that you can wear - the idea being that you gather up all your spare rolls of fat and squeeze them into a kind of body stocking made from industrial strength lycra , possibly re-inforced with iron girders judging by the way it felt when I tried one on today.

I also learnt 3 things today ....

1. Hipster jeans and Bridget Jones style BIG pants are not a good combo.

2. Trying on clothes that are a size too small is a good thing , isn't that why they invented lycra?

3. I am very shallow . I should be celebrating my new found vitality and health now that I've lost 35 lbs but all I can think of is buying new clothes. I'll be reading Hello magazine before you know it .


  1. Reading Hello? What's wrong with 'Heat'?!
    35lbs is AMAZING, you are being so good.
    And I don't care what Gok says about Spanx, they don't look comfortable and they sure aren't attractive!

  2. Spanx are amazing.The only problem is mine have the hole in the gusset.You have to wear them with no knickers,so you can use the loo!!But it was a bit disconcerting sat at a table in a restaurant,with what felt like my bits hanging out.I was worried the waiter would have to pick something up off the floor and get the shock of his life!!But my Husband loved it.

  3. Just found your blog again- wow 35lbs is brilliant, won't be able to see you next time you are at a crop where I am!
    Denise xx