Monday, 2 November 2009

Counting the days

It's 54 days until Christmas, 26 days until my eldest son's birthday, 23 days until I start eating real food again and only 1 day until I have to hand in my assignment .

If I were a sensible grown-up I would stop procrastinating and finding a million other things to do other than my homework and get on with it . But I'm not, so I suppose I'll fiddle away on the computer and fritter away the day then leave myself an impossible deadline to get the darned thing done. And I wonder where the boys get it from .


  1. I work in a school and trust me, we've heard every excuse a student can come up with for late handing in of work! Web surfing is not an acceptable reason for not reaching your deadline!
    Can't believe that you are close to resuming normal eating, you've done SO well. Wonder what your first proper meal will be ....

  2. Wow,that has gone quick.Back to real food so soon.I am sure it hasn't gone fast for you.Well done.