Sunday, 7 February 2010

Who'd have thought that ...

... at the age of 51 I'd be prancing around in a miniskirt. I know , I know ... mutton dressed as lamb and all that , but what the hell , can't be many more years when I'll get away with it,  so better late than never as they say. I rather daftly chose one of the coldest days in the year to wear it - BIG mistake and it felt as if I'd gone out in just my pants and forgotten to wear anything on my bottom half, or as if I'd tucked my skirt into my pants by mistake ... there was sort of nothing there. Still , it put a smile on my face and I enjoyed it . So thank you Sarah for persuading me to buy it ... and the boots which I could happily live in they're so comfy.

Here I am with Nic, Bridget and Lorraine, my fellow UK Scrappers and Lighter Lifers. Between us and including Karen who's not in the picture but taking it , we've lost a collective 20 stone !

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  1. wow Claire you look absolutely amazing, and SO pretty!! You look wonderful in that mini skirt - wear it with pride!