Friday, 8 October 2010

Every Now and Then ...

... you have one of those days which you know is going to embed itself in your memory in all its multi-sensory glory.
Like today. Met a friend for coffee in town. I love her company and we always have a laugh. I adore her 'silver lining' take on life and her wicked irreverence. So there we are supping coffee and putting the world to rights and then moseying around the shops a bit, having a laugh at this and that. Then I get to cycle home through Bushy Park in it's glorious Autumn splendour inhaling the woody smokiness of an October's day, the faint whiff of damp fungi in the air and the unmistakable pong of deer pheromones (sp?) in the rutting season, wafting through the air.

A few shiny conkers lay split open on the ground to reveal their luscious mahogany contents , the odd russet tinged oak leaf wafting groundward from the sky and an abundance of cyclists and runners soaking up the last vestiges of an Indian summer. Home to a lunch of my own grown tomatoes and a Cox's apple in the garden. Heaven. Even the Heathrow flightpath overhead seems to have been momentarily suspended so that I can enjoy the moment.

You'll have to forgive my lyrical waxing . I just had to get it down in type before the bubble bursts and the boys stampede through the house, home from school with tales of homework woe and what a disgusting lunch they had, before slumping in front of the XBox with nothing more than a  "What's for tea?" greeting.

Hey ho. Another weekend of piano lessons and rugby practice but not before a spot of scrapping with my scrapping buddies tomorrow. For those who don't know what scrapbooking is, that last comment will sound as if I'm spoiling for a fight .. but they know what I mean !

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  1. Oh I was right there with you for a moment! Would have to add, that hint of woodsmoke on the air as autumn fires are lit. But you're SO right, we have to capture those sudden flashes of rightness and insight ... and you did.