Friday, 30 December 2011

Holidaying with a teenage boy

My top tip - don't

I've just dragged our 17 year old away with us , possibly ( hopefully ) for the last family holiday - only 2 nights away - not too much to ask ?

I have some advice for those considering the same ...

1. Expect to have at least a week of "Do I have to come?" Ignore their pleas to be left at home - the house will be trashed when you return or razed to the ground.

2. Don't expect to be able to leave before midday

3. If he claims he'll be able to pack, ignore him and pack underwear at least on his behalf. Their idea of packing includes headphones and mobile and precious little else.

4. Do NOT plan any activities - they are allergic to the word activity.

5. If siblings are involved, anticipate bickering for the entire duration of the journey.

6. Do NOT under any circumstances ask if they are looking forward to it. You have been warned.

7. Expect no thanks

8. Don't expect them to emerge for breakfast even if you still have to pay for it.

9. Bring emergency sugar / chocolate rations to avoid dangerous blood sugar drops . The Pot Noodle that they ate the night before will not keep them going for more than 6 hours.

10. Inure yourself to swearing.

That's about it .

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