Thursday, 30 August 2012

V Proud Mummy

My eldest passed ALL of his GCSEs - have to allow myself a quick boast here ....

We've been on tenterhooks all summer but at last the dreaded envelope arrived last Friday when we were away on holiday . Had to wait until he phoned us , en route home from Switzerland , with the news.

2 A's  , 3 B's and 4 C's  . Over the moon !!  

This was no easy feat for him as he's struggled at school from day one and has spent the last
4 years at a Special School where the teachers , finally , were able to give him the support and assistance he needed. It's been one hell of an uphill climb but the mountain was worth conquering and now he can admire the view from the top .

Well Done my love.


  1. Here here - Well done indeed!

  2. Yay!!! Well done Theo!! Well done indeed! Time to CELEBRATE!! Yay! So pleased!