Friday, 13 September 2013

My Keyboard and Me

... or should that be My Keyboard and I ? To hell with grammatical correctness , I'm going with  'Me' - it sounds better.

I have a very intimate relationship with my keyboard . I caress its surface most days , often for several hours. I probably spend more time in its company than my closest family members. It knows all my little secrets and desires .

So , when I came to clean it recently ( after all , we've been together for over 5 years now ) I noticed a few interesting things. The grubbiest key was the question mark, closely followed by the exclamation mark. The number keys were also rather dirty, especially the 3 ( shift 3 gives you the pound sign ) and also the 2 ( shift 2 gives you the @ sign or the Euro ) . The Cmd key was pristine and the most used alpha key was A.

What does that say about me ? I consider keyboard usage signs to be the modern day equivalent of reading tea-leaves .

According to the evidence, my life is full of questions and exclamatory events. I love numbers ( well that figures .. no pun intended ... after all I'm a mathematician ) and I do a lot of shopping online ( £s and @s predominate so I must buy lots in the UK but nothing in Europe ). Oh and I clearly haven't mastered the art of the Apple shortcuts via the command key.

Sums me up ... literally.

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