Monday, 17 March 2014

Encouraging blogging ...

... in my students. What a great way to encourage my students to develop their writing skills. I am sitting next to one of my pupils right now and encouraging him to set up his own blog so that he can record his thoughts, beliefs and observations about the world. I haven't quite convinced him yet but I'm going to pass the keyboard over to him now to have a go ....

I shall call my pupil 'Tom' for the purposes of this article to preserve his anonymity.

Take it away Tom ...

Hi there it's a anonymous pupil here... just going to talk about reading and what to recommend. If you think that you don't like reading books because there to hard or you don't generally just think its boring i used to be exactly the same until i found graphic novels. They helped me in a such a way because i am a visual learner and I like to imagine things visually.

... so there you have it - Tom's first blog article. I'm hoping that he enjoyed that enough to want to start writing his own blog . What an amazing way to encourage young writers to find their voice.


  1. Well done on your first blog post Tom, I hope there will be many more :)

  2. Hey Tom

    Graphic novels are great - I read them as a 40 summat woman!!! I think they are such a great visual art its almost like the better the graphic the less time you spend looking at it as they give you so much straight away. I have tried graphic novels as well as 'comics'...what do you see yourself reading next?

  3. What a great guest blog post! I think Tom needs to make his own blog now, I like how he has explained that there is a wide variety of books out there, it's just a matter of finding what suits you. Well done Tom!

  4. Thanks everyone for your comment - I will pass them on to Tom . I'm sure he will be over the moon to hear that people are interested in what he's written and I'm hoping this will encourage him to start his own blog .

  5. I wanted to add that DS2 was someone who said he didn't enjoy reading. What he meant was he didn't enjoy reading novels. A teacher suggested he read poetry and to dip in and out rather than start at page 1 and read till the end. He loved it and then started to read computer/gadget mags and motor racing books and forums. Don't let anyone tell you that novels are the only way to enjoy reading.