Monday, 26 January 2015


Sounds kinky I know . Second thought that comes to mind are those ghastly adds for personal injury claims. Well I'm not into kinky and I don't hold with this country's obsession with the blame culture BUT ... I now know whiplash is very real and very painful . Haven't been able to hold my head up all week without wincing . I was rear-ended by a speeding driver ... in my own road last Tuesday and I've been paying the price ever since. I didn't think the accident was to blame as I'd woken up with a headache anyway . However according to the doctor and the chiropractor ( both of whom are my new best friends ) a pre-existing headache just makes the symptoms of whiplash more severe . They are both utterly convinced that is what I have .

Can't begin to describe the gnawing pain . It's there , all day every day like a bad toothache times ten. Can't sleep , can't sit down , can't stand up , can't lie down without this awful pain. Everything seems to make it worse. Anyway , counting the hours ( 25.45 to be precise) until my next appointment with Mr Chiropractor and praying that treatment will provide some respite from this misery.

For all of you fellow whiplash sufferers out there - you have my sympathy.


  1. I agree entirely with you regarding the obsession with blame and sometimes I cannot believe what people are trying to blame anyone but themselves for, BUT, whiplash can be very nasty and the effects can be ongoing. I have suffered it myself as a result of a car accident over 30 years ago and it took a long long time to settle entirely. This is a case where I believe you should pursue some sort of compensation especially if it drags on.
    I used to work in an insurance company dealing with motor claims and I loathed the 'ambulance chaser' claims companies even when they weren't as prevalent as they are now, but I did sympathise with, and settle whiplash claims accompanied by doctor's reports when the injured party was completely innocent as you are.
    Hope the pain settles quickly Claire.