Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Good Luck

.. to all those embarking on their first GCSE exam in one hours time - English Language.

Don't worry if you've got butterflies - that's a good thing . It comes from our hairy ancestors - the flight or fight adrenaline thing . It gears you up to do your best.

Visualise success - picture that results sheet with your name on it and that grade you've worked so hard to get.

I've been on an exam marking course for one of the major boards - believe me , the examiner is your friend - they're looking to give you marks - they want you to do well too.

Surround yourself with positive cheerful friends whilst waiting outside the exam from - don't listen to  the prophets of doom. "Be yourself , " as Oscar Wilde once said, "Everyone else is taken . "You CAN do this.

Think about when all of this is over - you're going to have one hell of a Summer ! Bring it on

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  1. Hope all goes well for him Claire x
    Got AS's & yr 10 exams going on here!