Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bargain hunting

I don't often go to Hobbycraft but it seemed rude not to stop in the other day as I was passing . Things have changed a little since the DoCrafts and Papermania only days. They now stock all sorts of good brands including one of my favourites - Little B. I adore these tiny 3mm wide washi tape rolls - gold on white .

Had to get one of each design as they were in the clearance section at half price as were the Thickers ( Kitten - one of my favourites ) , some eensy teensy Tim Holtz letter stickers and some vellum card inserts . You never know when they might come in handy ... maybe for Christmas cards, which stand about as much chance of being made as a snowflake's chance in hell !


  1. Hi Claire - I adore those tiny washi tapes. I'm hoping to pop to my local Hobbycraft (although they probably won't be in the clearance section in mine, if they are even there) and was wondering how much they were in the clearance section. Lx

  2. Claire! What a lovely surprise I had this morning. Thank you very much, you are so kind. I'll put them to good use. X