Thursday, 7 January 2016


I'm usually very negative about 'stuff' but I have come to realise that I actually quite like 'stuff' which may explain why I've bothered to put it between inverted commas, which requires patience because I never get the spacing right and then have to fiddle about on the keyboard tying to correct it.

Today I am going to look at 'stuff' ( got the hang of the spacing now ) in my nearest shopping centre. I may not buy any. I may just look. Looking at 'stuff' is as much fun as buying it. The reason I like 'stuff' is because I like to touch it , appreciate its beauty, if it has any, and to understand how it has been designed and made. I don't like all 'stuff' just beautiful 'stuff'.

I also like the sound of the word. It begins with the st sound which reminds me of words like stuffing ( which I enjoy in sandwiches ) and stew and stamp and strong and stink which is not nice to smell but is funny to say. Best of all it ends in ff which reminds me of words like fluff and faff and sniff which also sound funny and are fun to say.

So, how can I extoll the virtues of 'stuff' straight after posting about how to get rid of 'stuff' ?
Simple. Not all 'stuff' ( sorry, bored now of inverted commas - you get the gist ) is created equal. There is naff stuff ( another nice word ending in ff ) and there is lovely stuff. I am repelled by the former and addicted to the latter.

You mustn't let stuff take over your life apparently  ( like inverted commas and over gratuitous use of parentheses) according to de-cluttering gurus. You know you have too much stuff if you can't find the stuff you really need or want at a particular time. I probably have too much stuff ( oops .... misspelt it , but have now corrected , which lent a whole new meaning and probably belongs on a completely different blog ) already but I'm working on weeding out the bad and appreciating the good. Actually can you have too much stuff ? How can you tell if you have and by whose standards ?

Anyway, when I get back from my stuff sortie I may show you what I bought ...  or possibly didn't.

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  1. Oh that fine line between comfort and clutter. Stuff is important and I have a fair amount of my own. My MIL is a hoarder of stuff though, which is a problem, but I still live stuff.