Monday, 17 July 2017


I'm not sure I understand Slimming World. I've just logged on to their Pinterest board and up came 1001 pictures of the most disgustingly unappetising food imaginable. Does spelling 'sin' slightly differnetly as 'syn' change the concept of guilt ? I don't think so.

If you're aiming to eat healthily , why make something look like a Big Mac ? What's with all the cheese ? And why list all the bags of crisps you can eat ? I don't get it .

Yet having said all of that , I'm going along this Wednesday and signing up for a trial run of 6 sessions. If nothing else it will get me on the scales. I'm hoping I can sort my head out on all this eating business. That's where the real problem lies.

It's ironic that the meetings are held at the nursery my eldest son attended which is where all the weight thing started.

My reasons should be for health but I'm so shallow , it's all about the clothes. Can't wait to go shopping again.


  1. SYN is short for synergy and it's the total SW package. People need to have treats to keep them on track and if they think it's bad they don't have them and then they fall off the wagon. I've made the SW Big Mac in a bowl and it was lovely, not only that it saved me 25.5 SYNs. SW really does work and I'm proof of that, 8st 11.5lbs down and only 3.5lbs to target and I haven't felt deprived once. Good luck and if you need any help then let me know x

  2. Jo is a great ambassador for SW and I can recommend it will never be hungry and you will lose weight, just stick with it hun good luck xxx

  3. I'm a Slimming World alumni too - it really does work! There are some fab recipes out there on the official slimming world webpages and their recipe books - don't be put off! I remember going to a meeting once and there was a lady bemoaning the fact that she hadn't lost any weight despite 'sticking to the plans completely all week'. The lady taking the class kindly said there must be something she was doing that was undoing all her good work and could she perhaps tell the class what she was having for her 'syns'. We soon discovered that the reason might be her 'little treat' every night which was a large slice of Gala Pork Pie'. I can't remember seeing that in any of the SW leaflets!