Tuesday, 31 July 2007

I know I can't have blogged for ages...

... beacuse I forgot my password. I counted up how many passwords I needed the other day and stopped when I got to 20. LIfe is too complicated. No-one can remember that many passwords and if you write then down somewhere it defeats the object and if you use the same one then one hacker can get into every account you don't want him to.

I've been on a sanity break. A 3 night scrapbooking retreat in Swansea - that wasn't the sanity bit, the scrapbooking bit was. 3 blissfuls nights without snoring , questions or having to load the washing machine. All meals cooked for me and cleared away. New friends to make, laughs to be had, watching rubbish on telly at 2am. Large bottle of Baileys by my bedside an even larger bag of Revels in my hand. I need to do this twice a year. I very nearly did't come home again.

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