Saturday, 7 July 2007

Prize Giving

Hands up who likes going to Prize Giving? Those with hands raised ... that wouldn't be beacuse your dearly beloved is receiving a prize would it ? Let's be honest who wants to watch the celebration of other people's children being heaped with applause and praise when yours are languishing somewhere near the bottom of the class. I couldn't help but notice that the names appearing in the programme were either offspring of teachers, the scholarship pupils or multiple recipients. Is it really neccesary for one child to win an assortment of 4 or 5 different awards ? How big are their trophy cabinets becasue they usually recieved the same awards the year before. I've never been able to understand why the parents of gifted academic children have money thrown at them in the form of scholarships whilst the parents of strugglers who've had to shell out for remedial tutors, educational psychologists and various bogus educational so-called experts become increasingly penniless and desperate.

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