Sunday, 6 January 2008

Identity Crisis

Had trouble signing in today > may have more to do with my age-related failing memory than anything personal , but my blog wouldn't recognise me. As if re-typing exactly the same information would change anything. I felt very indignant being told that I didn't exist. Finally twigged what my password was. May be because I've been a naughty blogger and haven't posted since before Christmas. This is their way of punishing me. i think the school exam boards are going to have to introduce a new GCSE - Password Remembering. I must have at least 20 now and each one is slightly different. Far from making life easy , it just means it takes a good 10 minutes to get to the point of recognition let alone undertake any transaction. Why not use the same one every time / Well I'm still paranoid that if someone discovers what my Golden Password is they'll be able to blog in my name, extract funds from my account ( or rather increase my overdrafts) order flowers and download tunes. What's a shedload of time wasting inconvenience compared to potential financial ruin ?
I returned from Christmas away to find two messages on my answering machine telling me that something little oik had tried to use my credit card over the festive period. Apparently they'd made 3 attempts to extract funds to bet online. The nice clever credit card people had decided that this apparently didn't fit my profile so they'd declined the transaction. How sweet . On paper , at least, I must not fit the betting personality profile. I wonder what they have me down as ? Probably a book buying, middle of the road music listening toy purchaser with an addiction for scrapbooking. The devil in me wants to go on a bender one day and spend spend spend at the races, a casino, maybe visit a Ladbokes or two then order a few hundred cases of Champagne and order some cigars from Cuba. Wonder what would happen and when I'd get the phonecall.

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