Thursday, 10 January 2008

Winter Blues

I've always thought March was the worst month of the year. It's still Winter and it's when we're most likely to get snow and everything still looks grey. This year I reckon January is the pits. Shops full of crap, house is a mess, although the children have gone back to school , which is at least one blessing, every task seems to take twice as long. You go out wearing jumpers and you sweat like crazy because everywhere's too hot which throws you . You daren't buy anything because the house is already full of too much stuff and anyway there's nothing decent in the shops to buy apart from stock they can't shift and the tail end detritus from the sales.And just when you get excited when you see a sign that says 50% off something you've been coveting you spot the small print which says up to 50% off and you realise that the thing you want is only 10% off. And you don't even need it. February is marginally worse what with all the Valentine's nonsense although thankfully only 28 or 29 days long. Then along comes March all full of the false promise of Spring and it snows. Or worse , it sort of snows but then disappears by the time the children get home from school. Give me September any day. Warm days, cool evenings, the promise of a snug winter , the children back to school at last ... oh ... and my birthday. Not looking forward to this year's though ... the big Five Oh. More of that later in the year no doubt.

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  1. Hi Claire, caught you over on Wifey's blog. Thought I'd drop by! I do hope your winter blues clear up soon. I guess it would be defeating the object if they cleared up before the end of winter but it's not all that bad out there. I think January always seems like a crap month because the whole year lies ahead and it always seems a long time before holidays and festivities are upon us again.

    Chin up!
    Crystal Jigsaw xx