Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Power of Prayer

The Lord's Prayer is a still a bit of a mystery to me and clearly to my 8 year old also. Homework on Friday was a translation of what it meant , line by line. It was all going swimmingly until we got to the 'Hallowed be thy name ' line. When quizzed as to what hallowed might be he confidently assured me that he knew the answer to this one and studiously scribbled on his worksheet ' Like an egg' . I had one of those one warm fuzzy moments when you wonder at your child's brilliance and expected an explanation that linked his egg analogy to something to do with new life or the Resurrection or something equally profound. Actually it was along the lines of an Easter theme but nothing to do with the holy Resurrection ... more to do with the chocolatey variety as in Hollowed chocolate Easter Egg. Bless.

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