Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Eye Candy

These beauties arrived today . They're business cards from a company called MOO and they're free ! The marketing ploy worked, I'll certainly be ordering some more.

And then these turned up ... all the way from Singapore. Now I know I could buy some crochet hooks and all different colours of wool and a book about how to crochet but then where would I put it all , where would I find the time and it would cost a whole heap more than the few dollars these cost and these ones actually look like flowers whereas mine would no doubt turn out like knotted clumps. Mind you they're WAY too nice to use on a scrapbook page . Think I may just have to turn them into a brooch or two. Not only that but they were accompanied by a sweet hand written note thanking me for supporting her home craft business.


  1. ooh i love your blog, those moo cards are brilliant! i love them too. have a great day xxx

  2. Ah ha! Found you! Love your blog - it's so beautifully written. The entry about losing your M.I.L. is very touching. Putting you in favourites.

  3. I just found your blog through UKS, it makes V good reading sorry to hear about your MIL.
    I just love these crochet flowers where did you get them? as try as I might and I have really tried I just cant get mine to look like flowers.
    I will be popping back x