Monday, 8 June 2009


Apologies to anyone who may have left a comment on here and wondered why it hadn't appeared. When I logged on tonight , there waiting for me was a list of something called unmoderated comment. All kinds of lovely people had left all kinds of lovely comments and there they all were , all lined up and waiting to be 'moderated' by me.

They were all perfectly nice comments and didn't appear to require any form of 'moderation' at all . It all sounded terribly Big Brotherish. Anyway ... consider yourselves all duly moderated now. There's obviously a whole etiquette to this blogging malarkey of which , until now , I've been blissfully unaware. I'm still struggling with a whole new Facebook vocabulary ( although I quite like the sound of poking whatever that is) so it may be some time before I conquer the art of bog etiquette.

In the meantime, keep leaving the comments. It's lovely to think than in some small way my little blog is leaving some kind of impression out there in cyberspace. And could someone please enlighten me as to how you can 'poke' someone on Facebook and more importantly why you'd want to ?

1 comment:

  1. lol at your comments!!

    no help with the poking though just don't get it