Friday, 12 June 2009


I have 3 children . Two of them are aged 9 and 14 . The other one is 49 , soon to be 50.
I remember seeing a bib in Mothercare once that read " I don't know what I want , but I want it now". I wonder of they do it in grown up sizes ?
My husband bought himself a Manopause car earlier this year. Guess what ? It didn't make him happy but then at the moment , I don't know what would. If I'd known that his mid life crisis was going to be classic textbook then I'd probably have got my money's worth out of my own menopause. Sadly though I didn't do any of the ranting or raving or tantrums that you read about in women's magazines. I have been known to say " Is it me or is it hot in here" but that was about it. HIndsight is a wonderful thing.


  1. My sons partner feels that she has 3 children too. She feels that Steve is 10 comming on 33 !!!

  2. Manopause... I love that Claire, I'm going to file that for scrapping titles in years to come!!