Thursday, 17 September 2009

3 Good Things That Happened Today

I can count 4 actually but I'll save one for tomorrow ...

1. I've found a new way of being able to drink coffee without milk ... if you add one teaspoonful of the vanilla shake mix, close your eyes and hold your nose you can almost believe you're drinking it white .

2. I actually quite like the strawberry flavour shakes... and I didn't have to hold my nose.

3. Saving the best 'til last ... today I walked into the  ( ironically named ) Fat Face  (hitherto forbidden territory being over a size 18) in Farnham and bought a pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller than my normal size. Admittedly I had to lie flat on the bed back home to get them on (reminiscent of the teenage years only then it was a size 8)  but it was worth it and presumably in another month's time, I'll be going back for a size another 2 sizes smaller.

All in all a very good day.

New jeans lying on top of old jeans


  1. Wow! Well done, you are doing so well. Such willpower. And how lovely to be going new clothes shopping. Happy Days! Make sure you THROW OUT those old jeans, there's no way you are going to be wearing them again is there?!

  2. I'm so jealous of your will power! I am going to Lorraines retreat assuming it's not fully booked;it will be lovely to catch up with you then-am looking forward to it. Lesley