Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Embroidery Heaven

How gorgous is this ?

I bought this embroidery floss chest at an antique fair many many years ago . Don't think I paid an enormous sum for it , probably around a fiver. It's been sat in the back of a cupboard for a couple of decades and now it's come into it's own .

Perfect for storing all of my scrapbooking embroidery bit and pieces . What is the fascination with haberdashery ? Anywhere I've ever been in the world , I've always sought out these shops. A couple of buttons and a length or two of ribbon to add to my collection are enough to fill me with joy.

So , I've found the perfect storage , now all I have to do is get round to using it all.

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  1. Hi Claire, I hope you remember me from one of Lorraines retreats a few years ago-I sat opposite you and we had such fun-I also did the one where you taught the little acetate book. I am enjoying your blog and think you're amazing for sticking to your diet. I too have a blog, maybe if you don't remember my name, you'll know me from my profile photo!
    Please visit. Best regards, Lesley