Saturday, 2 January 2010

...and it's only January 2nd

In just the same way that Christmas always creeps up on me and frightens the living daylights out of me , New Year's Day has done the same. I keep forgetting that feeling that seeps in by the second day of the New Year , the one that reminds you that there's a list of things I was supposed to have finished but haven't even started. The shine has worn off the resolutions made yesterday and the 'word' for 2010 is beginning to pall. This year's word is TENACITY - come hell or high water I'm going to see things through this year. No more abandoned projects, false starts of half baked plans. having said that I reckon I displayed a fair degree of the stuff last year what with losing 5 stone in weight and undertaking a career change.
Real food tasted great over Christmas and now the packet soup/ shake regime has returned and it's worse than ever. I'm hoping that this feeling is temporary and that the goal, that is so in sight now, will begin to knock any feelings of deprivation on the head.
Having gone down 5 clothing sizes in 4 short months , nothing beats that feeling of standing in a changing room and trying on something that says 12 on the hanger . In fact last week I even bought a size 10 skirt which is nothing short of miraculous.
So onwards and downwards . New scales arriving in the post any day now which should help.

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