Friday, 15 January 2010

It's Official

I am wearing a size 10 pair of jeans. Never thought I'd make it but the zip is all the way up and I'm still breathing . If this were the Oscars I'd be thanking the manufacturers of control pants or whatever they're called and whoever invented Lycra.

My 'shopping for clothes' addiction was getting out of control but I've found a way of keeping the bank happy and enjoying the experience. I just try a lot on , prance around the changing room making silent whooping noises, then pop them back on the hangers - job done. I think I just needed to know I could get into a size 12 regularly and that it wasn't just a fluke. I can now boast 2 size 10's in my wardrobe too which is a bonus.

And every day brings  a new bonus. Yesterday it was finding out that my shoe size had gone down too which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise ... hence the bronze satin Converse pumps in my wardrobe today . Must try very hard to avoid the mutton dressed as lamb dilemma . I'll be drawing the line at crop tops, mini skirts and halter necks you'll be pleased to hear.


  1. You've done so well, you deserve a little retail therapy! Who'd have thought that when we met last year at the Crafty Stash crop, we would be the same size by now!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. ENJOY every minute Claire ... shall we be seeing you in leopard print and feathers any time soon????????????

  3. oh wow, just clicked on your blog having seen your posts on UKS about CHAS stuff I thought..oh I will see how Claire is doing lately and wow on all your weight lose! How awesome! Hope you are :) Laura x

  4. So funny, great post and full of joy and inspiration to me! You have done amazingly well and you deserve all the crop tops you can wear!! Get some white stilettos while you are at it!!