Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cookie Dough Pizza

My youngest son loves cooking. Well, when I say cooking, what I really mean is combining ingredients .... well when I say ingredients, what I really meaning is cramming as many things containing chocolate into one recipe. A young man after my own heart.

Tonight's concoction is called Cookie Dough Pizza and contains ... er cookie dough and looks like a pizza. Take one pack of chocolate chip cookie dough, smoosh it into a pie dish, bake, add chocolate spread, sprinkle with dark chocolate chips , smarties and maltesers and inject with lard. No, I made that last bit up .

The boys will be tucking into it any minute now and I expect it to last about ... 5 minutes. There are about 2 dried cranberries lurking in amongst the chocolateyness. These apparently are his 2 portions of fruit for today !


  1. Yummy - that's my kind of pizza :)

  2. OMIGOODNESS the damn thing looks delicious!! Obviously I don't want any ...