Thursday, 19 August 2010

One of the nice things about holidays...

... is finding sweet little trinkets that you'd never find at home. In an attempt to escape from the overwhelming testosterone of our all male party , I made my own way into Berne for a little retail therapy on my own. This involved a bus and a train ( both arriving to within a  second of their designated timetables) and a sumptuous nussgipfel en route which I now know means a nutty croissant.

Once there, I ferreted out a few favourite shops , most of which involved buttons, ribbons and paper. Have a look at these little gems.

The tin of buttons came to light at an alpine festival that involved beer , bratwurst, sugar cookies and delightful bric a brac stalls. It set me back all of 1 CHF ( about 75p !). I also found the biscuit cutters there and was spoilt for choice - a thousand and one designs but settled for a birdy, a teddy and the sweetest little scallopped heart cut out design.

Not sure what to do with the masking tape yet but who could resist all those colours ? They will undoubtedly make an appearance on one of my layouts in the not too distant future.

The paper birds are Japanese tissue cut-outs, very delicate.

What I haven't pictured is the ton of chocolate I ate on the way home but then doubtless that will be making an appearance shortly too , only not on a layout but on my hips.


  1. Hi Claire
    I've seen you out and about in Rock Choir and remember speaking to you about LighterLife, and I've been trying to remember your name (and then I found your blog!) I'd love to catch up about Lighterlife... are you on Facebook or email? You can find me at Emma Mosley on facebook and my email is my full name at
    Hopefully hear from you soon! Take Care, Emma x

  2. Glad to have you back ... we've missed you. ooooohhh look at all those goodies, just loving that little box of buttons ... I'm thinking, I could give them a good home LOL.

  3. Oh my what gorgeous finds, especially that box of buttons which I LOVE. And those cookie cutters ... not that I am coveting my neighbours stash or anything ...!!