Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day Two on my VLCD

... and for those who have never had the misfortune to have HAD to do Lighter Life , this stand for a Very Low Calorie Diet. In fact I'm doing the Cambridge Diet this time but same difference. Having done Lighter Life before, it's just easier to call it that . Either way it is HELL.

So to keep my mind off food , here's a little mathematical peculiarity for everyone out there revising for their Maths GCSE Unit 1 paper on Monday .

If                                            x   =  0.999 999   (1)
Multiply by 10             10x   =  9.999 999   (2)
Subtract (1) from (2)    9x  =   9

Therefore                          x  =  1
And so                                 1 =  0.9 recurring

Weird or what ???

And so must I be to be spending my Saturday afternoon doing maths .
Still, it keeps my mind of food.

Now if only I could make 12 stone 3lb = a size 10 , I'd be really laughing

By the way GCSE students ... I am 53 year sold and I STILL have that dream that I'm going into an exam without having been to any lessons or done any revision and then wake up in a sweat. If you don't want to experience the same fear , stuff Facebook down the toilet and get your maths books out . Trust me , you'll thank me.

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