Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A subject close to my heart ... and hips ... and thighs etc
Why do carbs taste so good and broccoli tastes like ... well broccoli ?
Why is everything deep fried delicious ?
And why can some people eat for England and never gain a pound ?
And why do I have to eat every least chip including the dodgy one at the bottom of the scrunched paper that looks like it may have succumbed to a spot of potato blight ?
Why does only wine hit at the spot at the end of a bad day ?
Why won't an apple do instead of a Cadbury's Wispa ?
Why can't spinach have the same allure as salt and vinegar crisps ?

The answers my friend are not blowing in the sodding wind but just plain facts of life so I'd better get over it and go bake myself a fat - free broccoli and spinach casserole.

I'm in the danger zone .. I'm poised over my keyboard lusting over scrapbooking papers as an antidote to the pouring rain outside when I should be preparing some lesson plans for my next pupil. I can't face getting back on my bike . My clothes have only just dried out since this morning's drenching. Tough choice but do I indulge in a little retail therapy in the dry with a cuppa or do I get back on my bike and pedal off into the downpour ?

Hmmmm , kettle's boiling.

And just so that you now what I may be tempted by .... it's these ...

and these ....

and these...

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  1. Oh so tempting and totally calorie free - if you've been out in that rain today I say order them - NOW!