Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What a weekend

Feeling slightly damp around the edges but definitely uplifted. Just what the nation needed I reckon . A spectacular display of royal loveliness and patriotism ... shame the BBC were working to a different agenda. Mr River Pageant Commentator ... you should be ashamed of yourself. Possibly the worst commentary in the history of commentating . Might I suggest you do your homework before the event . It didn't help that it was peppered with a slew of 'celebrity' lightweight nonsense. So ill-judged and unnecessary.

Anyway , don't want to put a dampener on the events of the last 72 hours , not that the weather hasn't done that already... so here are a few of my own personal memories of the weekend in photographs - in no particular order , a pot-pourri of patriotism.


  1. Such fun Claire what lovely photos! It looks like it was all back to yours because of the rain though! Did you rustle up those scones while everyone was watching by any chance?!!

  2. Oh wow, what a great collection of pictures! You've captured the day SO well, and of course you WILL be scrapping these ....?

  3. Claire your nibbles and drinks look AMAZING! I wish I'd come to your party... but, seriously, you must tell me: where did you get that caftan? It's either truly hideous, or totally fabulous, I can't quite decide :-)