Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sweet things ...

... come in little packages. Not talking about chocolates , but skincare products. I don't use a lot , but being the age I am ( no clues ) I feel entitled to a decent moisturiser and because most eye-make up removers cause my eyes to weep, I like to buy a good hypoallergenic product. ... oh and because it's summer and I'm not supposed to get a tan I like to indulge in a good quality bronzer around this time of year.

So, my brand of choice is Clarins , always has been - love their stuff and it takes the guesswork out of having to choose from the myriad options out there. On Monday I ordered those 3 products. Today , a whole bundle of loveliness arrived on my doorstep.

These 3 for starters .... the items I ordered 

... plus 7 samples to try

... plus one very glam bag ... to hold .....

5 more ( very decent sized ) as a bonus !

Way to go Clarins , not 3 but 17 fabulous little beauty packages and no delivery charges and all landing on my doorstep within 48 hours. Now that's what I call service. The samples are perfect for travelling . Now all I have to do is book a holiday to take them with me ... if only Clarins had some exotic little spa tucked away in the Seychelles ... maybe they do ?

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  1. I love Clarins too Claire. They are the only products I've ever used that don't irritate my skin.