Friday, 2 May 2014

Loving my Vinyl

Hoping that title doesn't attract the wrong sort of reader !

I'm talking ( of course ) about the vinyl you use with a Silhouette Cameo machine . Having unearthed the transfer paper from my silhouette supplies ( in fact I think I'm using low tack sticky backed plastic that I bought to cover the boys school books - cheaper by far ) and deliberated about which colour to use ( black of course ) , I set about finding the perfect font to cut some labels for my Expedit .  A search for the Holy Grail or for a needle in a haystack might have been easier but hey , what fun to spend ages browsing through the free fonts available online. Time well spent in my book.

I settled on a font called Swenson available for free from It had the right sort of cursive script I was looking for and can be welded in the silhouette software so that it peels off in one easy piece. After a couple of duff attempts , because I"m not the most patient person in the world and tend to ' eyeball ' positioning so I didn't take much care over lining up the label on the transfer paper grid ( doh ) I managed to come up with this...



This is my practice attempt . I reckon it needs to go further in from the left hand side by about 1cm . So, 1 down ... 31 to go but delighted with how it looks .

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