Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Love a bit of Flair ...

... although I refuse to call it Flair - they're badges . It's bad enough having to call trousers pants without having to call a badge a flair !

Anyway , these little lovelies arrived from Oz today . Now I know it's an atrocious waste of aviation fuel to fly them all the way from down under but I reckoned they were so tiny and so light and the flight would probably be going anyway so ...

I couldn't resist a bargain . The Australian dollar / pound conversion is so much better than the US dollar exchange rate right now . These worked out at a mere 50p each including postage and they are SO my style. I can do without 3 or 4 designer coffees this month just to justify them.

They're made by a company called A Piece of Cake Designs  and arrived wrapped in a delightful brown paper bag fastened with some cupcake washi tape. All in all a lovely way to brighten my day. Thank you Raquel.


  1. Completely with you on the word flair! BADGES!!! They are really cute though :-) Enjoying your blog.

  2. Hi Claire....just popped over from the blog talk on your blog and will be following now (or is that stalking!) we met at Make It in Feb and I hope to visit your crop sometime!