Monday, 30 June 2014

What do you get a teenager ...

... for his Birthday ?

Err ... that would be money. Sad but true. The 'Experience' vouchers rarely get used , the book tokens are a non-starter and apparently iTunes vouchers are so last year . You might as well get them what they really really want and try as I might to choose , what to me, seems like a fun game for youngest teen ( 15 years old this year ) , somehow the Smurfs' Karaoke Hits or Pokemon Art Academy isn't going to hit the spot ( thank goodness).

So , rather than just dole out cash , I thought I'd make a money wallet. I found this one , called 3d Book of Money, in the Silhouette Cameo online store - by Jamie Cripps for 59p ( Design 52083).

Here's how it came together :

Black card stock seemed pretty cool for the base. The design is a pretty straightforward accordion- style mini book but the Cameo does it in a trice and every page is the same size whereas me and my trimmer wold probably come up with 4 slightly varying lengths which would look wonky when put together, especially as I probably wouldn't be able to find one of the 20 pairs of reading specs I've got scattered around the house.

Cut 4 of the page pockets and front panels - I chose one of my favourite woodgrain papers ( Pebbles -  Fresh Goods - Come Again) score lines are done for you ( LOVE my Cameo ).

The backs are decorated with credit card sizes panels for which I chose a similar woodgrain paper in a lovely charcoal colour ( Basic Grey - Granola - Wholesome) . To be honest you hardly see these when the book comes together so you could skip this stage.

Then it's just a case of assembling the pockets by attaching to  the accordion fold spine using strong double sided tape.

..and you end up with this.

I then cut some basic computer game geeky type shapes from my Cameo to embellish the fronts of each pocket ( Computer Mouse 9581 , Computer Monitor 14511 and Headphones 20233 ) in black card stock. Final touches - add money. A tip for those having a go at making one of these - the US design obviously is based on dollar notes . Tenners are bigger than dollars so you may want to adjust the height of the pockets to account for this . Mine just about fitted but only just.

Lastly assemble the slip cover that slots onto the end to keep it all in place . I made mine from the same Pebbles woodgrain paper . I then added a title cut from gold glitter POW (American Crafts) on the cover -  GET YOUR GAME ON ( 42708 ).

Job done and hopefully one happy teenager.


  1. Fab boy teenager present in fact a fab girl pressie too!

  2. My last one has just slipped out of his teenage years but cash is still king in the present stakes. This is a fab project and the papers you've used really enhance it.

  3. That is fab - if I get time after my holiday I must think of doing something like this for dear nephew's birthday - so much better than just stuffing money in an envelope.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog about the hama beads - what a nightmare!! I haven't given up yet - I am going to try the EKSuccess branded perler beads as a lot of people say these ones work - watch this space!!!!!