Tuesday, 14 April 2015


My Mac has gone into meltdown and I'm lost without it . This post is going to take forever as I'm typing on a mini keyboard from my iPad . The screen keeps disappearing and hideous ads keep popping up which I can't trace or delete or even find the virus to uninstall. Mac's are supposed to be virus free ( the computers that is ... not the burgers ) but this apparently is a myth . Now they tell me.

Anyway a quickie post to report back from Version Scrap - Oh my - what a delight - would recommend anyone to go . Just returned from a weekend trip there with my scrapping buddies. Everything is so refreshingly different to the tat that sometimes goes under the banner of so-called scrapbooking shows here in the UK . Not a peel-off in sight thankfully . Beautiful design , ingenious products , every stall a delight - beautifully presented with real pride and free little gifts , loads of make and takes ... and then there's the red wine and steak frites in the evening . I'll stop there and just show the pics.

So how much stash did I bring home ? Well just this little bag .... honest.

... and here's what it had inside...

love love love the teensy dies

Wooden stamps from a French company called Craft Origine - oh so beautiful and on sale too .

You can never have enough washi tape - check out the cool cats on top

Amazing stand selling such original buttons or rather badges

Couldn't resist these stamps and met the designer of the Art Stamp sets - Zorotte - may just have to check out her retreat.

Loved these people - Simply Graphic . Fr

And my lovely scrap buddies ... and a few new friends. Remember girls ... what happened in Paris stays in Paris !


  1. It looks like you had a great time and I am positively drooling over your new stash, you can sling it in a £10 goodie box for me ;) x

  2. I love everything you've bought Claire. It's a pity there's nothing similar in this country.

  3. I'm hoping to get there one of these days.

  4. Best time EVER!!!! I wish the double chin had stayed in Paris though!