Monday, 9 November 2015


If I had to think of one word that summed up this place it would be excess - of everything - food, noise, thrills, shops, rides. Not complaining , just saying. If you choose to go to Orlando , you know just what to expect and that is what you get in bucketfuls. I'm not sure I could live like that though , not without expecting to have a heart bypass within six months. But for a week long roller coaster ride of fun it is just perfect.

Highlights of our trip were the Kennedy Space Centre, our first french toast /cinnamon bun/bacon/waffle/pancake/hash browns breakfast at Perkins and seeing an alligator up close and personal. I showed my ignorance by shrieking 'Crocodile' but I think I got away without it. The boys' encounter in the Zombie Apocalypse shop where they nearly got shot whilst inadvertently wandering behind the counter thinking it was a glass-topped display cabinet, came a close second as did the bumper sticker reading "Keep honking, I'm re-loading" which needed explaining to me.

Or maybe I should include Cowfish in my top ten list - the restaurant bringing a whole new burger/sushi fusion cuisine to unsuspecting tourists ... or the fact that you could order a Fender Stratocaster on room service at the Hard Rock Hotel, complete with amp and headphones for you to pluck, Jimi Hendrix style, to your hearts content. And I really should give an honourable mention to The Cheesecake Factory whose portion sizes deserve a Guinness Book of Records inclusion - one slice of their Reece's Peanut Butter Chocolate cheesecake would feed a small family for a fortnight. And then of course there was the wobbly blue Jello, jostling for position in amongst the doughnut encased hot-dogs and luminous pink marshmallow fluff on the buffet counter at Ponderosa's Steakhouse.

Decisions, decisions. Our days seems to drift from one dining experience to the next , sandwiched in between by a quick burst on the adrenaline pumping, music-thumping 80mph Rip Ride Rockit at Universal Studios or Der Stuka at Wet and Wild Water Park -a free falling vertical drop into a watery abyss -  never a good idea on a full stomach but we survived ... breakfast intact.

And then there was the shopping. You can segway your way around one of their supermarkets or walk the equivalent of a half marathon, end to end and still barely scratch the service. Needless to say , I did my fair share of craft supply shopping which was sheer heaven.

Ready for take-off

 Rocket Park at Kennedy Space Centre

crocodile alligator

Rock on

This defeated all four of us

 So good to be able to see the horizon at sunrise

Cool Shades

Looky Likey ?

 Choices ... choices

Ubiquitous Palms

Apollo Heaven 

Ron Jon's Surf Shop - surf and skate paradise at Cocoa Beach

Minnion Mayhem


I would happily do it all over again but next time, I'd bring an extra suitcase and ask for a doggy bag.


  1. Wow - sounds like a fantastic time had by all. And a lot of eating x

  2. Love your post Claire. We were in Florida for three and a half weeks in august and stayed some of the time in the Hard Rock Hotel. You really need another holiday to get over it. I wasn't a big fan of Cowfish but maybe I ordered the wrong dish. Where did you do your craft shopping. I always struggle to find somewhere within easy reach as we don't drive while we are there.