Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Adult Colouring Books

They sound rather seedy but in fact are the antithesis of anything remotely adult.

Is it just me for whom the appeal of colouring-in is anathema ? I bought this yesterday in Primark  ( and that's a whole other blog post ) .

Needed a beach bag , love elephants , it was as cheap as chips and thought I'd have fun colouring it in with Sharpies. This is supposed to be very calming they  tell me. I've started on the trunk and I'm finding it anything but calming as I panic about the million things I should be doing before we go on holiday which are far higher priority than a spot of colouring in. I'm sure the cats would rather be fed, the plants watered, the lights set on auto-timer, the milk cancelled, the email auto message set to "I'm somewhere much nicer than my office, don't expect a reply to this email " ... but no, I'm debating whether to go with lime or mint green on my elephant's toe-nails.

Think I'll leave it to the younger generation. At my age I really should know better.

Incidentally,  the fact that I've found time to post this proves that I have elevated the art of procrastination to an art-form ... anything but packing.

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