Monday, 19 January 2009

Creeping Homogeneity

I saw something awful on a potato packet today . No , not the lesser spotted potato weevil, something FAR worse. It was printed on a label attached to the bag and it read ...
Size 35-40mm. I wondered if maybe it had come unstuck from a shoebox and mistakenly attached itself to my bag of potatoes but no.
It referred to the size of the potatoes in the bag. Every single little spud had been measured ( wonder if they have the equivalent of a Weight Watchers scale ? ) in order to qualify for this bag. Some poor little blighter probably measured in at 41 mm and got given his marching ( or should that be mashing ?) orders. I like my spuds big ... and small .... and somewhere in between. I don't need them to be within strict parameters. I like them to taste nice especially when drizzled with butter . Size as they say ... just doesn't matter.

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