Thursday, 29 January 2009

Grand Designs

Yep ... usual couple - no kids then suddenly they get pregnant having shelled out nearly half a million on a landslide of mud with a half decent view. They then spend another half a million ( yeah like right ) on having a bespoke titanium plated, laser drilled, industrial sized staircase hand made by some master craftsman in the Orkneys ( which of course they then have to visit to make sure they've got the exact shade of metal right) whereupon disaster strikes and they blow the budget and think what the hell , we've always wanted a warehouse sized wetroom in the middle of the 'atrium' let's just blow another half a million and be done with it.

What I wanted to know was .... where were all the trappings that come with a baby ? When my boys were babies every square inch was filled with tubs of pastel coloured nappy wipes, ugly sterilising units and hideous primary coloured baby gyms. Presumably their baby is only allowed to have paraphernalia if it matches the shade of high gloss worktops they had specially commissioned for their kitchen. Poor kid ... no Thomas the Tank Engine for you , here's a copy of Architectural Digest to chew on.

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