Friday, 16 January 2009

To move or not to move

Wouldn't you know it. We decide to move house when property prices hit an all time record slump since slumps have been recorded. Sometimes you have to look at an awful lot of other people's house until you realize that you quite like the one you already live in. Only trouble is ours isn't where we need to it to be.

Another first yesterday. I phoned a radio phone-in. Vanessa Feltz's actually. I was driving round the M25 listening to a discussion about the menopause and felt compelled to pull off the motor-way and phone in. I was put on hold with some dubious re-assurance form the producer that he'd try his best to get me on. Next thing I know I hear Vanessa say " and now we're going to Claire in Teddington". It was all rather hysterical actually. May well do that again. I was convinced that I must have burbled on incoherently but when I listened to it today on i-player what I said sort of meant sense thankfully.

So they're going to build another runway at Heathrow. These days they slap preservation orders on pavements if the local community of frogs use it as a breeding ground and yet they can obliterate a whole village community. Gordon Brown's turning out to be worse than Tony Blair if that were ever possible.

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