Thursday, 27 August 2009

Day One in the House

9am - Feel like I need the Big Brother diary room to come and report in on Lighter Life progress.
I was still reeling from the shock of my bust measurement when I awoke this morning, having been measured last night. Immediately after the measuring, your photo is taken and I'm sure that in mine I will have a look of total incredulity on my face and if I look closer I'll be able to see myself mouthing the hideous figure that she'd just read off the tape measure.

Porridge for breakfast and it was actually OK . Not only that but I almost couldn't finish it although I'm not sure if that was down to uncertainty about the taste rather than fullness. Ate it with a small teaspoon ( old Weight Watchers trick) to make it last longer . Haven't quite perfected the lump eradication yet but I will be getting plenty of practice as that's what I'll be having every day for the next 98 days. Ate it alone , didn't want the children saying " Yuk that looks disgusting " or 'Can I try some... Yuk that's disgusting" or even just plan "Yuk" . Felt quite lonely at the breakfast table and reminiscent of that famous scene from Oliver.

12am - sadly I've been clock watching for the last 2 hours . Ravenous. vegetable soup for lunch - let's be honest it looked like orange glue but tasted OK thinakfully - maybe that was the tablespoon of pepper I added.

So far I've had to cook breakfast ( french toast) and lunch (scrambled eggs) for the boys, had to queue up to pay for petrol alongside the racks of sweets and choc bars at the garage and buy soft drinks for their trip this afternoon . I'm realising that every hour of every day I'm surrounded by references to food, the sight and smell of food, questions about food ( what's for tea ?) . Not that I didn't already know this , I'm just feeling it more acutely.

Worst of all I'm feeling hungry and I've got a headache although maybe that was the "last chance saloon" bottle of Chianti I downed last night in the knowledge that it would soon become a distant memory.

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  1. Gosh Claire, you're brave, especially doing LL while you have to cook for others. Good luck - I'll look forward to reading how it's going and seeing the wonderful results.