Monday, 24 August 2009

Lighter Life

Tonight I have eaten :

I large packet of plain crisps
Half a loaf of Banana Bread
I large Pack of Fruit Allsorts
6 Deep Fried spicy chicken wings

Why ? Because in less than 48 hours I will be replacing all of my meals with food replacement packs on the Lighter Life programme. This feels like my Last Supper or rather Penultimate Supper. Tomorrow night's dinner will probably top 1000 calories and include a whole bar of Galaxy for pudding. I will then drink myself silly with a whole bottle of Rose and collapse into bed feeling nauseous. With any luck by the time I wake up the following morning I will be hating myself sufficiently to welcome in the new regime with open arms. Actually , these Fruit Allsorts are beginning to taste a bit disgusting already.

I'm hoping I won't turn into a diet bore which is why I'm not going to blab to everyone that I'm doing this - they'll only find out if they read my blog. Apologies in advance.

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