Friday, 11 March 2011

It's Spring

It's Spring when, according to Tennyson, young men's fancies turn lightly to love or maybe its the start of the footie season but then that seems to go on all year now ... whatever ... anyway my fancy turns to brightly coloured objects of beauty.

I've just been shopping for custard powder, school shirts and stamps but somehow managed to come back with these little beauties instead.

For some unfathomable reason this was reduced in John Lewis from £28 to £14.

Then I found this ...

... which I intend to use for my sweet little pots of Cosmic Shimmers and the like. I was going to buy one of those silly Tim Holz tin cases just because I have a couple of others , in fact you can just see them on the left of the picture, but this is SO much lovelier and half the price too. Sorry Tim.

And finally there were these shouting BUY ME from their shelf in Marks and Spencer and again for some unfathomable reason were reduced in price. Well, how could I NOT buy them ?

And who needs custard powder anyway although I'm not sure what the boys are going to wear to school on Monday.

Just in case you were wondering how cute Jack is looking these days ( renamed Kung Fu Kitten for obvious reasons) , here's a little shot of the cutest Kitten in England.


  1. Some very pretty purchases there, and how cute is that little cushion? I love it! Aww sweet little kitty too xx

  2. Quite right, who needs essentials when pretty things are in the sale? I have a mug which matches that birdy cushion - I was looking for wine glasses on the JL website and next thing I knew - I had a new mug ;-)