Monday, 7 March 2011


Dictionary definition : A quiet or secluded place to which one can retreat for rest and relaxation.

I'd go with the rest and relaxation but I'd have to draw the line at quiet or secluded - but thankfully in a nice way.

I've just returned from a scrap-booking retreat in Warrington. Our retreat hosts Sarah and Lianne were exemplary in organising a wonderful weekend, full of treats and surprises .  All 6 classes were gorgeous ( as Mary would say ) , only surpassed by the company. Thanks to my table mates who provided hilarious comedic moments and company throughout to which the photos below will testify.

And is if it couldn't get any better , there were unsurpassable stash shopping opportunities, a delicious old fashioned sweetie shop ( I can recommend the Strawberry laces) at our disposal and fresh coffee on tap. I think it might even have been sunny all weekend not that I would have noticed as my head was buried in a mountain of pretty paper, buttons and ribbon. Bliss.

I let the train take the strain this year and apart from the expense , not just the train fare but then the exorbitant taxi fares to and from the station to the hotel, it was bliss. Wouldn't risk traveling without a reserved seat though. VIrgin must be coining it. Speedy too, no sooner had I opened my Glamour magazine than we seemed to be sailing into the station.

Notes for the next retreat .... bring larger suitcase (check that the wheels aren't about to fall off ), forget changes of clothing as they'll end up covered in sandpapered chipboard and glitter whatever you wear, bring wine, leave chocolate at home, persuade kindly fellow scraper to get you to and from the station, don't forget glasses and leave heavy tools behind .
So roll on November when we get to do it all over again !


  1. Warrington is NO distance from our new home, so maybe I'll manage to be at the November event???

  2. Glad you had a good time Claire, it was lovely to see you again. Can't wait for November now!!