Friday, 20 July 2012

Here's what I would wear/carry to the Olympics ...


 ... having just heard Seb Coe tell us on Radio 4 this morning that he wasn't sure if you'd be allowed to wear Nike ( not an Olympic sponsor ... sorry partner .. . although that would imply, erroneously in this case, that both parties had a say in the matter ) trainers into the stadium  ... that is if I'd shelled out what it would cost to inoculate 1000 children from Malaria in Africa for a ticket.

Wonder if they'd let me in .


  1. Love your trainers Claire and hope you were planning on including trousers in your ensemble. Enjoy your Olympic experience.

    Apparently you can only wear Adidas or unbranded trainers - is there such a thing, they all have some brand on them don't they?

  2. HAH! Best laugh I've had this week - so with you on this one!