Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's high time I posted some layouts

In spite of the  red wine , newly invented cocktails ( did we really coin the phrase Manka Wan*** ??? for the mango / vodka based tipple you plied us with Emma ? ) ,  frequent snack and meal breaks and endless giggling , we did manage to get a bunch of layouts finished at Emma's this weekend. I'm amazed we ever get any scrapping done at all . It is pure joy to spend time with these lovely ladies .... and Kate , you definitely won the tennis ... hands down or should I say bottoms up ?

Until September then ...


  1. Gorgeous layouts as usual Claire. I think the Happy one is my favourite but the sentiment of the one before is just perfect! Glad you had a great time with the girls - they are such fun. :-)

  2. What a beautiful photo of you Clare X